Friday, March 31, 2006

Arts Council Meeting

Passed all the Police cordons for the Condi Rice demonsrtatiors to get to the funding meeting just to try and see how work can be submittted to the Indepentdants section of the Biennial. Waste of time! Very quickly became a row about the setting up of a board, who'd be on it, remit etc, etc, Gave up after an hour and still none the wiser!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Views & reviews

Went to 2 PVs with Sally, FACT, better than the usual and Open Eye, thought provoking! Sally pointed out my stuff reviewed on the Art In Liverpool blog.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Southport Visit

Went up to Southport for a chat with Ed, discussed new websites and PR for Shot up North. Quite interested to get involved in this. Ed gave a copy of this year's SUN awards book, I see toxic-ex is in there too! Even more galling, Ed's fab pic of me didn't make it to the final section.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Got the KB from the gallery in Ormskirk. End of lucky streak! Still ready made frames and mounts look good. Settled on design for vending projct but unlikely to get the metal in enough time to enter for 31 March deadline.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Open Studios

Train to Manchester to the open studios, went to Rogue, cup of tea with Geoff, then sore feet as I tramped to Salford to visit Cow Lane studios and Hot Bed Press. Mission accomplished though. Booked on a screen printing course at Hot Bed at the end of May.

Friday, March 17, 2006

2nd Press Cutting

Metro News 17th March 2006

Busy working on ideas for the vending project, but need to get some metal to progress. This is out of my hands now so remains to be seen if I can get something sorted by the deadline in 2 weeks and if I still have confidence in it. Saw Ian Jackson from Art in Liverpool. suggested to him that FACT would be a good location for a Liverpool vending machine, especially if it can be set up in time for the biennial.

Bought ready made frames for exhibition next month, saved a bit of money, I hope as I can keep reusing them. No joy with the gallery in Shropshie

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Making & Promotion

Sent CV, CD-rom etc to Chapel gallery in Ormskirk and RealArt in Shewsbury, let's see if they bite. Considering a vending project, is it worth a couple of stamps?

Re-did flying fish lino cut, first attempt ended in bin. Was wondering if I should do it as an etching last week. Need to press on with images of work related devils and make several plates at next session. Need to use classes more efficiently and create more work now I'm up and running with promotion and ready to exhibit.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

arts admin!

Emailed part CV part statement to Kitchen Gallery, hope pics are ok, best I can do with them but I fear 72 dpi won't work in print. This is the 3rd exhibition for these two, if I'd know they would get so much exposure I'd have given 'bling' a better name! Also had to pay up and look happy to get my lost pics back from flickr, must now use this more for on-line networking and see if I can generate some intrest/sales abroad.

Uploaded my details on the design initiative site and if I get anything as a result of that I'll bake a hat shaped cake and post photos of myself eating it on this website! Also snow bound day gies me time to read AN, few opportunities worth following up in that, on in Ormskirk and one in Shewsbury so something to keep me busy this week.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

March Printmaking Session

Could do better! Printed two lino cuts in zodiac series plus experimented printed pteredacyl on black paper, plus some nice clean ones, wasn't really prepared to start a new plate, composition still not right on flying fish, wasted a bit of time doing a small landscape drypoint to fill in time. Alan lent me book on demons, have a month to prepare a range of new images for April session.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Exhibiting @ The Egg??

Last month Nick and I contacted the Egg Gallery in Liverpool to pitch a joint exhibition to them. This is their reply. They are showing work by my 'toxic ex' in there at the moment! I want redress!!

Date: Mar 8, 2006 10:52 PM
Subject: Exhibiting @ The Egg

Sorry we haven't got back to you we have been really busy.
Currently the Egg is booked up until 2008!!
However there may be cancellations so we will get back to you when we
know more,as we are still interested in showing your work.
We are having a Christmas show running from 29th Nov- 7th Jan. We will
let you know more details closer to the time.
We will be in touch soon


Confirmation Letter

Letter arrived from Kitchen gallery open confirming that they want two pieces of my work for the open competition, one I'm sure I didn't enter as I thought it was too big for their size criteria. Hmm! I must ask them about that.

As these two pieces will still be on the wall of the the Urban Coffee Lounge at handing in time, AND they want spares as they want to sell stuff straight from the wall I'll have to get more of the same framed. Still got two good prints of both so will take them to the framers in a week. That just gives me enough time to pop into Urban Coffee can check the edition number of Her Big Day.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Red Wire Issue 2 is out now

Available from the following outlets in Liverpool.

Eye-Speq Gallery @ Quiggins
Polished T
Meta Conceptual Gallery @ 52 Roscoe Street
Urban Arts Lounge (i really like yr etchings in there btw)
Creative Bias on Hope St
News from Nowhere
Probe Records
Hairy Records
Myrtle St Art School
Hope St Art School
Haneman Building Graphics School
Community College
various places around Lark Lane
The Egg
Green Fish
Meshuggy Club Nite @ The Magnet
Inner City Sumo Club Nite @ The Masque

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Live Magazine
Issue 59 3-9th March 2006

Good to know all those years working in PR weren't wasted!;-)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Feedback on 100 tshirts competition

Last week I send a feeback from to the people who ran the 100 t-shirts competition http://www.p-ornithology.com/100/main.htm telling them why I didn't enter - they wanted the entries created in Illustrator, software that I haven't got at present. This is their resonse and my reply.

Hi Bob,
I'm glad that you've taken my feedback on board. I don't want to be negative and I think the competition was a great idea. I feel that is is just as important to say why I didn't enter in terms of improving things next time.

I am unaware of any public access mac or pcs that have high end graphic
software on and are available for (all the) public's use. I've certainly never
seen anything advanced as illustrator in the library - its pretty much the internet and that yer lot! But if you know of such resources please pass on the details to Ian Jackson who runs the art in Liverpool blog as I'm sure that there's more people than just me who would love to know about them.


> From: The100Shirts@aol.com
> Date: 2006/03/03 Fri PM 03:42:48 GMT
> To:
> Subject: Thank you for your feedback
Hi Pamela,
Thank you for your feedback - Much appreciated.
I'm sorry you felt all the designs looked similar, this was not actually a widespread view I'm pleased to say. It's a pity you didn't enter the competition or come and visit the exhibition as I think you'd have found all of the designs quite different from each other in 3D.

Unfortunately we couldn't accept .jpeg format for entries into the 100Shirts Competition as the method of transfer we were using for production of the shirts was screenprinting. The quality and types of print, as well as the timescales we had for choosing the 100 and beginning the exhibition was extremely tight - a situation which was actually out of our control. Due to these constraints, we therefore had to set the brief for submissions to be in either .AI or .EPS format as these formats already separate the layers of the artwork, allowing us to turn around production quickly for the exhibition. We understand jpeg could be an easier format for some artists but jpegs simply do not allow for the quality of prints we were after either. AI is an (adobe) illustrator programme specifially designed for artwork and graphics.

We aimed to make the competition and exhibition as accessible for every one as possible and are sorry if you felt excluded in any way. These programmes can be quite expensive and we understand that not everyone will have these illustrator programmes on their home computer. Perhaps next year you might like to visit your local resources and get involved that way? The programmes and use of the programmes are usually free in local libraries and adult learning centres as well is in the FACT building (as far as I am aware - they have the media library there). I know of one lovely gentleman who took part in this year's competition who didn't even have a computer, let alone know how to use an email!

Thanks once again for your feedback - I hope that this has helped clarify a few bits for you. It would have been lovely to have you enter and I'm sorry you've missed out - The 100Shirts has been a great success!

Take care and hopefully, we will be able to come to you in the summer with the next competition!

Best regards,
Bob :-)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Private View

A great night. Geoff, Lucy, Angela, Judy & Jie turned up despite the snow and continuing awful weather. Heard that I'd been successful in the open too, wait for a letter now but seems I will be exhibiting two prints. the bride and the living room. Amazed!
Here's the rest of the stuff . . . .
Alena's work

Sarah's work

Joe's work

Karen's work

Thursday, March 02, 2006

gaining momentum!

Now I've got a body of work and lots of ideas, keen to look for new opportunities.
Subscribed to Artists Newsletter to get news of exhibition opportunities, commissions and competitions.

Visited a terrible gallery today, work was very poor and prices stuck on canvas with sellotape and blutack. Give them a miss I think!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hanging exhibtion

I'm really pleased with the way my work looks in the space. Two of my pieces are in the window, which is great. Mangaged to fit in all 5 pieces that I had framed without the space looking cramped and the other work is really good too. It looks like a great show. I hope some of the people from galleries come along on Friday.

A couple of pointers for next time though -
1. bring plenty of screws!!
2. and a cloth to wipe the glass after hanging