Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Where's my work at the moment?

On now
Collage - 1st Floor Gostins Building, Liverpool - one dinosaur print & Lino cut xmas cards, ongoing

Wrexham Arts Centre, Rhossdu Road, Wrexham - Tryptich of 3 prints of shrines, 8 Dec - 12th Jan

Rowan Gallery
, 91 Wrexham Street, Mold - Beetle prints & ceramics, individual framed shrine prints, show opening later this week till mid Jan

Kitchen Gallery Stall, Living Market, Liverpool 15th December (think this is International Gallery on Slater St) Lino cut Xmas Cards

Almerio Gallery, Mersey View, Crosby, Liverpool - Lino cut Cards & Xmas Cards

Upcoming for 2008
Stockport Art Gallery, Wellington Road South Stockport 19th Jan- April 2008, 20 prints and collages


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