Saturday, June 30, 2007

ANother battle to sign in to this blog!

Bloody Hell!!! Why is it so difficult to get access to my own account?? Why do I need all these stupid passwords, which the bloody system doesn't then recoginse even when I've updated them?? Blogger, google, you're crap!!!

Afte this rant, I have to tell my approx three readers a week that I've submitted my work into two exhibitions. WEst Lancs Open got a shrine tryptich called Three Greek Shrines that I priced for £100 & This years must have bag which I priced at £75.

Just driven through the rain to the Stockport Art Gallery to deposit this year's two submissions, Fusker, £75 and Horse I (part of a new series) also for £75. I've got to go away next weekend so Sod's Law declares that this year won't be as easy as last year when I expected nothing & got both works into both shows. You make plans for the summer months in advance and then find that they clash with everything else you try to do, courses, exhibitions, gigs even etc. Still its all done now we'll have to wait and see. Expecting some news midweek.


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