Sunday, March 12, 2006

arts admin!

Emailed part CV part statement to Kitchen Gallery, hope pics are ok, best I can do with them but I fear 72 dpi won't work in print. This is the 3rd exhibition for these two, if I'd know they would get so much exposure I'd have given 'bling' a better name! Also had to pay up and look happy to get my lost pics back from flickr, must now use this more for on-line networking and see if I can generate some intrest/sales abroad.

Uploaded my details on the design initiative site and if I get anything as a result of that I'll bake a hat shaped cake and post photos of myself eating it on this website! Also snow bound day gies me time to read AN, few opportunities worth following up in that, on in Ormskirk and one in Shewsbury so something to keep me busy this week.


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