Sunday, December 31, 2006

End of 2006

This time last year my aim was to exhibit my work again. I've had my work in seven shows in 2006, appeared in a artzine, won £100 at the Stockport Open and sold a print at the Sefton Open, I've also sold at least one piece of ceramic at the Saltburn gallery so a very pleasing year. I've also done the screen printing course at Hot Bed Press, a photoshop course at FACT, the collagraph course at Wrexham and the night school class. In the midle of all this I've moved house & been bogged down by a load of decorating and related crap. The pic on the right is a bloody 'to do' list I was working my way throught earlier this month. I hope now, I'll have more time to spend on my work. I'll go back o Wrexham & keep visiting Alan's studio but the rest I can do at home. The first show of 2007 is in the planning - let's hope its a good year.


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