Thursday, November 02, 2006


The Atkinson Gallery rang to say that they'd sold 'Her Big Day' at the Sefton Open. I'm delighted, apart from two Xmas cards last year. its the first thing I've sold for over 10 years. if the person who bought it stumbles across this blog, I can only say 'Thank you very much.'

Packed up my stuff for the Saltburn Show, just need to arrange courier times with them. Off work today for a two day course in Photoshop at mites at a subsidised artists rate and another printmaking session on Saturday so three days of creative work, hooray!

Rescued my cards from Dot Art, they's not sold any but given that they were in the store room, I'm not surprised! Xmas Craft Market in Manchester city centre, 17-19th November, got a load of cards ready.


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