Thursday, February 23, 2006


Press Release can go out today, and here it is - Exhibition mentioned in the Art in Liverpool web site this week. http://artinliverpool.com/


There’s no need to visit a superstore to get art for your home. A new exhibition, opening at the Urban Coffee Lounge in Smithdown Road on 2 March is showcasing five local artists with a diverse range of original and affordably priced work.

“The show deals with forms of all sorts that we encounter in our lives and how these form twist and move relentlessly irrespective of any impestus or direction..nothing stays the same.” says Sue Lucine who put the show together.

The exhibition includes Alina Villa’s paintings of landscapes, Pam Holstein’s quirky hand made prints, Joe Bramell linear black and white drawings Karen Henley's unusual human figures in a primitive style and Sarah Richards’semi-abstract face studies based on portraiture.

The exhibition opens with a private view on Friday 3rd March where the artists will all be present and happy to talk about their work. The show runs until 2 May so there’s plenty of time to pop in, and enjoy a relaxing refreshment with refreshing art.


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